Popular Commercial Vehicle Type:

  • Three Wheeler: This vehicle moves with in city and within 200 km area (one Almirah, Fridge, T.V, Washing Machine, 5 carton and one dismantle plain bed can be loaded in the vehicle). Popular vehicles in this category are Piaggio ape, minidor, Bajaj Re, Mahindra Champion etc.
  • Tata Ace Zip: Tata ace zip, Mahindra Jeeto, Piaggio Porter 600 can contain the items which a 3 wheeler can.
  • Tata Ace: Tata Ace, Super Ace, Ashok Leyland Dost, Mahindra Bolero pik up, maxitruck etc. can contain all the above items with 4-5 extra carton boxes.
  • TATA 407: This vehicle move within state and with special permit can be move up to nearest state, sending this vehicle out of state will be costly instead of part dispatch, and can contain extra one box bed, sofa set, with all the items of a and b.
  • TATA 407/14 ft.: This vehicle move within state and with special permit can be move up to nearest state and can contain two Almirah, sofa set, two bed, TV., Fridge, Washing machine, computer with table, 20 carton, one showcase.
  • TATA 709/17 ft.: This vehicle moves within India excluding hill area and can contain motorbike or 15 more cartons box extra then TATA 407/14 ft.
  • TATA 1109/19 ft.: This vehicle moves within India can contain extra two box Diwan, motorbike with goods of TATA 709.
  • 24 ft. Taurus Vehicle/10 Wheeler: Packers use this vehicle only for adjustment of the goods in part load and not suitable for sending direct house hold goods.
  • Container (24 ft./30 ft./32 ft.) if you are having double goods of TATA 709 then you can use this container, some big company are using this vehicle only for adjustment purpose, after loading your material they are loading another materials from their warehouse, and please make sure that the container do not contain any hole. One small tiny hole can be responsible for damage of all your goods.
  • Car Carrier: This vehicle is suitable for car transportation but rare available from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore due to heavy demand and contract with car manufacturing company but easily available from Kolkata to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad